Thursday, May 5, 2011

By God's Grace

Today, by God's marvelous grace, Jimmy and I celebrate 10 years of marriage.  It is ONLY by the grace of God. 

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (King James Version)12   And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

You see, we were lost when we married.  We spent 6 long, hard years, full of fights, arguments, in a love/hate relationship with each other.  We bought a house, and not long after we moved into it with our 2 small children, we were going to throw our marriage away.  We could not agree on anything, we fought, we threw things, we avoided each other.  There was no love in our hearts for each other.  Our only common bond was our 2 children.  We were contemplating a separation/divorce.

Then, God in His Mercy, used a Christian co-worker of mine, to draw my attention to the fact that the reason we were having problems, was because neither of us was walking with God, even though we both claimed to be Christians.  We were walking in darkness.  I am forever thankful to my co-worker for sharing the love of God with me, and planting a seed that grew quickly in my heart.  Through this seed, the Lord sought me, and caused me to see Him in all His glory for the first time in my life.  I was heart-broken, though, because, immediately after God called me to be His own, Jimmy pushed against me harder, and farther.  He wanted nothing to do with me, and went into a deep depression.  I was soon to convince him (although, at the time, it seemed like an eternity), that the Lord was causing him to feel like he was going to lose everything.  The only way out was to give it all to Christ, as I had.  He sought help from doctors, to ease the pain of the depression.  The medication helped, but even the doctor told him that the medicine was really only a bandaid, that God uses depression to get the attention of unbelievers many times.  She sent us to a Christian couple who counsels troubled married couples.  They read us like a book, and knew the same thing was happening that the Lord had already revealed to me.  Jimmy was fighting against the call to repentance.  A week later, Jimmy gave his life to Christ! 
Looking back, we see nothing but God's grace saving our marriage from destruction.  We were ready to give everything up, and call it quits, and God's timing was perfect to save us, and our marriage! 

The past 4 years have been filled with growth, growth and more growth.  God has blessed our home with more children, as we have learned to trust in the plan the Lord has for our lives, and not our own plans.  God is continually moldling us into the man and woman He wants us to be, as we learn to be submissive to Him. 

If anyone reading this is having a troubled marriage, or if you are single, and do not know the Lord as your personal Savior, I want you to know that you are destined for destruction.  The only way out of that destruction, is Jesus.  Jesus died to save the lost, He took our sins away, and I pray that everyone that reads my blog will come to know Christ, if they don't already.  My heart aches just to think about where we would be without Christ in our hearts.  My heart aches for those who refuse to know Him, for they will spend eternity separated from their Creator, in hell.

God bless,


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