Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giveaway!! from Doorposts

I'm excited about this giveaway!  These gifts will surely be a blessing in the homes they go to!  I hope to hear that someone we know wins something! (Or that our family's name is drawn)

Who doesn't need biblically correct teaching and home managing aids, of course, in addition to the Bible?  I was raised in a home where teachings like these were non-existant, and was left to (for the most part) the mercy of the guidance of the church (whichever one I was in at the time), to be discipled.  I was never shown what the Bible said about sin, and disobedience, and why God made me by my parents.  The churches I went to failed miserably as well, as they were not churches that would dare tell anyone that they actually had to be OBEDIENT to God's Word, and do this through faith, in order to be counted as His.  Never was there a mention, in churches or our home that there is a need for repentance and regeneration.  I wasn't taught how to disciple my children (nor was I taught that it was any other than the failing church's job), so any tools that I find that are biblically correct, that will help Jimmy and I turn our children's hearts and minds continually towards the Lord, I'll accept with thanksgiving!

Click here for the Doorposts giveaway  (if this doesn't work, someone please tell me.)

Hope this blesses someone!

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  1. Mrs. Edwards, thank you for passing by Far Above Rubies. I appreciate your comment on Pursuing a Peaceful Master Bedroom.

    Keep me posted on your redo.

    God bless you,